Carrier Controls


A Carrier i-Vu Open controls system provides the customer with state of the art equipment, plug and play controllers and a user friendly, web-based controls interface, fully integrated into the BACnet Building Automation system.

  • Multi-zone systems and controls improve overall indoor air quality and energy efficiency.
  • Web-enabled remote access to multiple sites.
  • Centralized control of entire facility and/or building through a dedicated work station.
  • Trending and identification of performance issues.
  • Central controls for creation and maintenance of set-points throughout the building to help eliminate employee tampering and potential service problems.

Carrier I-Vu Open Controls


Carrier's i-Vu interface provides the customer with a comprehensive HVAC solution that affords complete integration. Controls provide constant volume for multi and single zone HVAC equipment. 

  • High level controls
  • Affordable pricing
  • Light commercial applications
  • Applied controls systems
  • Commercial Non-Communicating T-stats


Planned Maintenance Agreements provide system services that will help your business operate in a safe, cost effective and reliable manner.

Scheduled maintenance services will also streamline your productivity and reduce the number of emergency calls resulting from poor equipment care.  

Benefits of Planned Maintenance Agreements include:  

- Optimization of efficiency

- Scheduled inspections 

- Overall energy savings

Controls Solutions


F.M. Thomas delivers complete energy management solutions. Our reliability, expertise in configuration and outstanding customer support sets us apart from the rest. Control solutions are perfect for: 

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Design-build Projects
  • Building Automation Systems
  • Integrated Facility Management
  • Single Zone Specialty Panels

Did you know that F.M. Thomas is a controls system integrator for Carrier CCN and OPEN Solutions?

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